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“Karla’s heart is transparent—revealing her own vulnerabilities while allowing God’s strength to sparkle through her. Her dynamic speaking style will stimulate your spiritual senses to new levels of understanding. I just love this unique woman of God!”

Florence Littauer
Best-Selling Author, Personality Plus and Silver Boxes


Armed with a desire to encourage women in both the everyday and the extraordinary hurdles of life, KARLA HOGAN has spoken to audiences across the U.S. for more than 20 years.  Karla identifies with the “everywoman” in all of us as she shares her own joys and challenges in life--from living with Moebius Syndrome, a condition causing partial facial paralysis, to her role as a wife and a mother of two wonderful adult daughters.  Speaking with humor and sincerity and often incorporating her musical gifts, the message Karla imparts to her audiences, regardless of the topic, is the importance of yielding to Christ through any circumstance and trusting Him to heal our hurts. 

“Yielding to Christ is an ongoing, everyday reality of our relationship with Him," Karla states.  "We can face life’s disappointments and struggles with anxiety or we can view them as an opportunity to encourage, challenge, and bring joy to others!”

A sought-after speaker for women’s retreats, seminars, and conferences around the country, Karla has recently added “author” to her repertoire with the release of her first book, Conversations On Faith (Insight Publishing).  Karla authors a chapter in this collection of interviews, which also features best-selling author and pastor Dr. Robert Schuller, former Major League baseball pitcher Dave Dravecky, and actress Anne Jillian.

Karla is a graduate of CLASSeminar (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services) and Upper CLASS, where she has been mentored by best-selling Christian authors and speakers Florence Littauer and Marita Littauer who have helped her develop her passion for refreshing souls with the bounty of God’s love.  She is also a member of the International Speakers Network (ISN).


She is personal... Her story is unique, yet so much of it will seem familiar to women who encounter the same potholes in life on a daily basis.

She is positive... Karla has no reservation about sharing her vulnerabilities. You’ll be smitten by Karla’s sense of humor, warm personality, and enthusiastic nature as she positively navigates both the smooth and rough waters of life. Karla’s love for God shines through.

She is powerful... Karla’s story is a powerful testimony of God’s perfect timing and His perfect plan. She’ll guide you through her personal journey of what God can do in one humble woman’s life, providing encouragement and healing along the way.